Our Home

This website chronicles the lives of Dan and María. We are located in Comitán, Chiapas Mexico. María is a doctor that works for the Secretary of Health. Her clinic right now is in Cash. A community not far from Comitán.

We have restored an old colonial house and slowly are turning it into a hostel. Meanwhile we have a chocolate business where we have direct relationships with cacao farmers. We take their beans and do the entire process to convert them into chocolate.

We also are coffee roasters and lastly have started dedicating ourselves to creating artisan beer.

We love cooking. We are vegetarians and enjoy making new dishes from original ingredients. We rarely have cans or jars of processed food in the house. The kitchen has a number of commercial implements.

We have many visitors and take them on local, state, and even Guatemalan tours. In addition Dan does months long bike trips not just in the region but also in locations around the world.

In summary we’ve an interesting life and invite you to share it by browsing through our menu items above. This page is an ongoing effort so check back frequently.

All pictures in the website can be clicked on to create a full sized scrolling gallery. Enjoy.

Dan and Maria